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Hotel de la Gare, gourmet restaurant in Clisson

Located in the heart of the medieval town of Clisson, 25 km from Nantes, the restaurant of the hotel de la Gare welcomes you to its table for a delicious moment. The fish are cooked in the simplest way, accompanied with a shallot butter sauce (chef's specialty). As for our meats, they are seasoned with herbs. A cuisine that goes to the essential to the delight your taste buds.

Hotel de la Gare, restaurant with patio, near the Puy du Fou

In fine weather, the restaurant de la Gare deploys parasols on the patio. Our patio can accommodate 50 guests, an advantage for groups traveling to the Puy du Fou after spending a long time in the car. The hotel de la Gare proposes other rooms of 26, 60, 80 and 200 seats

The economic menu of the hotel de la Gare in Clisson

Weekly for lunch, the restaurant de la Gare offers a low price all inclusive menu with a buffet of starters, 3 dishes of the day, a selection of desserts, wine and coffee. An economical solution for professionals in Clisson.

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